Our Warranty Policy



We stand behind our products 100% and guarantee that they will perform to all specifications as advertised.

  • All fuel injectors sold are backed by our best-in-the-business, Limited 3-year Warranty. *Some exceptions may apply--please see warranty exception details below.

  • Fiveo's Standard of Excellence: All Fiveomotorsport fuel injectors are produced using the highest quality industry standards and are sold with the assumption of perfect working condition. Your satisfaction is the FiveoMotorsport company goal. Each injector we sell carries a Workmanship Replacement Warranty. Buy with confidence...Drive with confidence!

  • As with any aftermarket part replacement or upgrade, a slight amount of fitment and/or tuning issues can sometimes arise. Although we have delivered to you our best products, on occasion instances may arise that you might still find yourself having difficulty fine-tuning your new parts. This is where we highly recommend professional installation and tuning. We would be doing our professional installers/tuners a disservice by not recommending their expert knowledge. We are always available for support so please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance in getting your new parts in place and running 100% to their potential. We know you strive for perfection, and Fiveomotorsport supports your goal. We guarantee your purchase, and we are fully committed to making your success a reality.

  • Before returning any product you must first complete the online return form using the link below to get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number. This RMA number must be clearly displayed on the OUTSIDE of the returned package and also included inside the returned product's packaging. No returns are accepted without this number clearly marked on the package. Packages not marked with the RMA number will be returned to sender. Packages received without this RMA number will not be processed.

  • All returned merchandise must be properly packaged to fully protect the product from damage. Damage to parts due to improper care during packaging is not the responsibility of FiveoMotorsport, Inc.

  • All returns must be sent with postage prepaid and adequately insured. Packages lost in the mail are not the responsibility of FiveoMotorsport, Inc.

  • Send to:
    FiveoMotorsport, Inc.
    Returns Department
    5862 Deerfoot Ln
    Yorba Linda, CA 92886

  • Fuel Pumps and electrical connectors are not covered under our warranty and return policy.

  1. Obtain your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number by completing the return form using the "Return Form" button above.

  2. Include this RMA Number on the OUTSIDE of your returned package.

  3. No refunds given after 30 days from your original purchase date.

  4. Only unopened/uninstalled parts will be refunded. Any part that has been installed is considered "used" and will not be refunded or exchanged.

  5. All refunded parts within 30 days are subject to a 15% handling, repackaging, and/or restocking charge.

  6. No refunds on electrical connectors, electrical components or electronic fuel pumps.

  7. All parts are inspected, tested and reviewed based on the customer's claim.

  8. All postage costs will be paid for by the customer. Fiveomotorsport does not pay for shipping on returns or exchanges.

  9. Send all parts postage paid - we will not accept COD packages.

  10. Be sure to package all returned parts securely - please no loose parts.

  11. Parts deemed ineligible for credit/core-credit may be returned freight collect or scrapped.

  12. Any warranty adjustments may be subject to a $35 service/handling charge.

  13. FiveoMotorsport, Inc. is not responsible for any property damage caused by the proper or improper use of any of the parts we sell.

  14. FiveoMotorsport, Inc. is not responsible for any bodily harm caused by the proper or improper use of any of the parts we sell.

This warranty covers parts sold for street use only. This warranty does not apply for off-road or racing use of fuel injectors. Warranty is non transferable. Be certain of your purchase. Returns or exchanges on fuel pumps are not accepted. FiveoMotorsport, Inc. reserves the right to amend this warranty policy.

CORE CREDIT POLICY: Be certain to include a copy of the completed return form with your core parts (download form using the link above).

  • An RMA Number on your returned package is needed when returning injector cores for credit

  • See return form instructions above for obtaining the RMA Number

  • Each injector core will be inspected before a refund is issued.

  • Only manufacturer's original equipment cores will be refunded

  • Cores must be free of damage and in a condition that is able to be remanufactured

  • Cores returned for credit must be received within 90 days of your original purchase date


  • DO NOT send in your cores if you did not pay a core deposit when you purchased your injectors.  None of our new parts are sold with a core deposit.

*WARRANTY & CORE CREDIT EXCEPTION DETAILS: Absolutely no refund or core deposit will be given for injectors with the following:

  • Fire damage

  • Bent or broken injector bodies

  • Missing or damaged parts

  • Tool marks from improper installation or removal

  • Broken, cracked, scratched, melted, or missing electrical connectors

  • Broken, bent or missing pintles

  • Severely corroded metal bodies

  • Cores received after 90 days from your original purchase date are non-refundable.

  • Injectors that have been used for anything other than standard motor vehicle operation are not covered by our warranty.

  • Injector units that have any of the above defects will receive no refund or core deposit credit and will be scrapped.


ORDER DESK & TECH INFO: (562) 867-4999.
Email Fiveo if your vehicle is not listed or with specific fitment questions.
Customer Comments - See what our customers have to say about FiveoMotorsport fuel injectors.

Reconditioned/remanufactured injector nozzles are ultra-sonically cleaned - individual units are flow tested at approx. 43.5 psi (or 3 bar atmospheric pressure); [email protected] seconds and wide open @30 seconds.
All injectors that match the Bosch manufacturing specs to within 1% flow tolerance and resistance are retained others are discarded.
All external parts, caps, o-rings, and filter screens are replaced with new. Each "blueprinted" injector is placed in hermetically sealed, air-tight packaging. This process yields a product with specifications better than any brand new OEM fuel injector.
All Fiveo remanufactured fuel injectors are sold with a 100% Warranty under normal road use driving conditions. This warranty does not cover off-road and racing use.


See what our Satisfied Customers have to say about FiveoMotorsport fuel injectors.


All Bosch and Walbro high performance in-tank and in-line fuel pumps are brand new, and first-rate.
Be certain of what you require before making your purchase.
No refunds or exchanges can be made on any fuel pump.
FiveoMotorsport, Inc. does not warranty any fuel pump.
All warranty adjustments for fuel pumps must be made through the respective manufacturer.


FiveoMotorsport sells only first-rate fuel injectors from top-rated manufacturers like Bosch, Denso, Siemens, Rochester, and others. We buy in bulk and therefore are able to offer the same quality proprietary fuel injectors at prices that are as little as 25% of what you would pay at a dealership.

Fiveo's Standard of Excellence: All our fuel injectors are the highest quality and are sold with the assumption of perfect working condition. Your satisfaction is the FiveoMotorsport company goal. Each injector carries a Workmanship Replacement Warranty.

Please Note: Fiveomotorsport, Inc. (Fiveo) does not warranty the proper or improper installation and /or application of the purchased, exchanged, trades bartered, or complimentary procured fuel injectors and/or the competence and /or diagnosis of the installer. Fiveo assumes no liability and will not pay for labor, vehicle damage, rental car, hotel, towing claims, etc. arising from the installation or use of the above mentioned fuel injectors. Due to the complexity of the emission control systems, the manufacturer does not warranty the fuel injectors to pass emission control inspection solely on their own merit. Fiveo does not assume nor authorize any person, agent, distributor, dealer, repair technician, service facility, or company to change, modify, supplement or amend this Service Guarantee.

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