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All FiveoMotorsport products are manufactured using the highest quality standards and are guaranteed to perform to the specifications as advertised. FiveoMotorsport is recognized world-wide as a leader in high performance and racing fuel injection solutions.

Five O Fuel Injectors

Fiveomotorsport offers a full line of US Domestic and European street performance and racing fuel injectors for modified applications from Bosch, Siemens, Delphi, Lucas, Rochester, Denso, and Weber. The Fiveomotorsport custom injectors listed here are custom manufactured Bosch EV1/EV6/EV14, Siemens Deka and Denso fuel injectors for Ford , Dodge , Chevy , Jeep , Chrysler , Cadillac , Lincoln and other high performance US cars and trucks. We also have European import flow-matched injector sets for BMW , Mercedes-Benz , Mini , Audi , Porsche , Volvo , VW , etc. All fuel injector flow rates available beginning from 21lb to 30lb, to the intermediate range 36lb, 45lb, 60lb, 72lb, 80lb flow rates, to the extreme modification applications requiring 96lb, 120lb, 160lb/hr, 190lb/hr, and up to 240lb/hr. Compare our injectors to the competition--we offer competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and most importantly the ultimate solution in fuel injector craftsmanship and product quality.

Fiveomotorsport also offers a full line of Asian Import street performance and racing fuel injectors for modified applications from Bosch, Denso and Siemens Deka. We custom fit our injectors and offer electrical connector adapters to match original equipment specifications to allow for Plug N Play fitment. The Fiveomotorsport high performance injectors listed here are custom manufactured Bosch EV1/EV6/EV14, Denso and Siemens Deka top-feed and JECS and SARD side-feed for Honda , Mazda , Subaru , Mitsubishi , Nissan , Toyota , Hyundai , etc. Check out our complete list of custom manufactured Asian import fuel injectors in all flow rates available from 280cc/min to 2400cc/min, and everything in-between. We also have our NEW completely E85/Ethanol/Methanol compatible Black-Ops fuel injectors available in popular flow rates 1000cc, 1300cc, 1600cc and more. All Fiveo fuel injectors can be delivered with optional Plug n' Play adapters to match your current wiring harness.

Fiveomotorsport offers a full line of domestic and Import original equipment, stock replacement injectors from top manufacturers like Bosch, Denso, Lucas, Delphi, Rochester, and Siemens.  Also, please contact us regarding after-market stock replacements or stage-1 upgrades for your specific application. For most applications we can offer a new generation Bosch, Siemens or Lucas stock replacement injector for your current OEM fuel injector.  New generation replacement fuel injectors will produce a more efficient spray pattern resulting in superior fuel atomization, which translates to better engine performance and increased fuel efficiency.

Ford/International T444 diesel 6.9 non-powerstroke and 7.3 powerstroke diesel injectors . Original FMC replacement parts. Our remanufactured diesel powerstroke injectors are sold with the Fiveomotorsport 13 month/unlimited miles warranty--and sell for about half what you could expect to pay for brand new diesel injectors from a dealer or national auto parts store. Find Ford E and F Series, Excursion and Super Duty diesel injectors on sale: injector designation codes AA, AB, AC, AD and AE.

This section of our website is dedicated to high-performance motorcycle and ATV aftermarket fuel injectors and original equipment upgrades.  We have custom fuel injectors for super-street and racing applications:  Kawasaki ZX-14, Suzuki Hayabusa, GSXR and many others.

Fiveomotorsport stocks a full arsenal of high performance fuel injectors in various flow rates for PWC, Snowmobiles and other marine engine applications.  We can custom fit your specific application and offer everything from stock replacement injectors to the most extreme modifications for supersport performance and racing.  High-flow Fuel Injectors for Yamaha, Sea-Doo, and Jet-Ski applications are delivered ready to install with Plug N Play fitment.

About FiveO Motorsport Fuel Injectors

Fiveomotorsport sells only first-rate fuel injectors to satisfied customers world wide. Fiveomotorsport has a full inventory of OEM and High Performance electronic fuel injectors for US domestic, European and Asian imports. All of our custom work is performed by highly qualified technicians using industry-standard equipment to produce the highest quality product available for use in the most demanding street and racing applications. Each custom injector has been inscribed with a control number and individually tested on the newest technology equipment available. Static and dynamic flow-rates at multiple pulse-widths are recorded to achieve accurate, comparable data points; dead time/latency values are recorded over the entire voltage range (8-16 volts), and injectors are placed in tightly matched sets. Custom flow matched sets will include a flow data sheet showing information for your specific set of fuel injectors to help ensure an easy tune and linear performance at idle, at cruising speeds around town, and at high RPM. All Fiveomotorsport fuel injectors are backed by our best-in-the-business warranty. You will receive a top quality product that is at or above the industry standard whether you purchase our brand new, flow-matched, custom manufactured, high-output fuel injectors or our reconditioned OEM fuel injectors. You can be confident you are purchasing top-quality products at a great price, fully backed by our outstanding customer service and support that is not found anywhere else in the aftermarket fuel injection industry.

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