Fiveo-Avenger, In-Tank Fuel Pump Series, 00040, BMW, 450-700 HP

Part Number: 00040 Center Inlet - 340 ltr/hr, DIRECT-FIT, with Kit
High Performance


Receive 15% discount on this fuel pump when purchased with any set of fuel injectors.


USAGE: Highly-modified, super-, turbo-charged engines with 450-700+ horsepower. Gasoline or E85.

Tech Data:

Fiveomotorsport's In-Tank Fuel Pump Series features superior flow throughout a wide pressure range.
At 40 psi our 00040 pump boasts more than 341.33 ltr/hr (90.1 g/hr). This pump is ideal for applications requiring more flow while retaining the factory lines and mounting provisions available in the original equipment (OEM) configuration. The Fiveo's In-Tank Pump Series is also perfect for use as a universal replacement for applications that require more flow to support forced air power-adders such as turbo and supercharged applications.

Fiveo's In-Tank Series are high-output, electric fuel pumps that fits most popular EFI applications.

RATED FOR E85, Gasoline (MTBE additive)


• P/N - 00040
• Fits most vehicles where popular aftermarket pumps are applicable
• Center Inlet
• Includes installation kit with filter
• Designed for in-tank use only
• Can be used in Carburetor or EFI applications
• Turbine pump mechanism increases durability and can be used in pulse modulated applications.

Fuel Pump Specs:
Applications: All applications that would use Walbro GSS307 or GSS340
Condition: Hermetically sealed, all components brand new
Usage: In-tank using stock housing
Fuel Flow: 341.33 ltr/hr, 90.1 gal/hr
Version: High Pressure
Installation Kit Included: Yes
MIN Voltage: 12V
Operating Pressure: 0-120 psi determined by fuel pressure regulator

Fuel Pump Dimensions:
4.750 in. - 120 mm, Length from inlet tip to outlet tip
3.125 in. - 80 mm, Length of case
1.156 in. - 39.5 mm,  Diameter
CENTER Inlet width: 0.875 (7/8) in. - 22.5 mm
Outlet width: 5/16" - 8 mm

More Information
Manufacturer Fiveomotorsport
OEM or Aftermarket High Performance
Part Number 00040 Center Inlet - 340 ltr/hr, DIRECT-FIT, with Kit
Year(s) 2016
Make BMW
Model 323I, 323IC, 323IS, 325I, 325IS, 325IX, 328I, 328IC, 328IS, 525I, 525IT, 528E, 528I, 528IT, 535I, 535IS, 540I, 540IT, 735I, 735IL, 740I, 740IL, M5
Engine L6, 2.5L, M20, GAS, L6, 2.5L, M50, GAS, L6, 2.5L, M50TU, GAS, L6, 2.5L, M52, GAS, L6, 2.5L, M54, GAS, L6, 2.5L, M56, GAS, L6, 2.7L, M20, GAS, L6, 2.8L, M52, GAS, L6, 2.8L, M52TU, GAS, L6, 3.0L, N52, GAS, L6, 3.5L, M30, GAS, L6, 3.5L, S38, GAS, L6, 3.6L, S38, GAS, SPORT WAGON, L6, 2.5L, M54, GAS, SPORT WAGON, L6, 2.5L, M56, GAS, SPORT WAGON, V8, 4.4L, M62, GAS, V8, 4.0L, M60, GAS, V8, 4.4L, M62, GAS
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