WELDON PUMP 2345-A: Gasoline, Alcohol, E85, Diesel, and All Racing Fuels

Part Number: 2345-A
High Performance

Weldon 2345-A (-12 inlet and -10 outlet)- (Use with A2040 Bypass Regulator).

  • Ideal pump for Pro Stock
  • Pro Modified
  • Pro/Outlaw Street
  • Any Extreme power-adder heads-up class
  • Breakaway coupling prevents pump motor damage

Maximum Horsepower
2000 hp @ 14 VDC EFI (1000 hp on Methanol)
2400 hp @ 16.5 VDC EFI (1200 hp on Methanol)

  • GPH/PSI Range: 200-250 GPH / 0-80 PSI
  • LPH/BAR Range: 946 LPH / 0-5.5 BAR

Considerations: If your actual horsepower is close to the Max Hp limit and/or you are considering power adder.
See p/n: 34706 or 34712 Mechanical Pump


  • All-billet body - 100% serviceable/repairable
  • Self Priming
  • Can be mounted above fuel cell 
  • Can be mounted vertical or horizontal
  • Breakaway coupling prevents pump/motor damage in the event of fuel contamination
  • All internal components are 100% metallic
  • No plastics or composite materials. 
  • Internal pumping elements are made of high speed tool steel and bronze. 
  • This results in the longest lasting, highest quality, most durable pumps available. 
  • Body machined from billet aluminum 
  • For carbureted and injected engines 
  • Provides Consistent Performance with no fall-off in flow 
  • Precise fuel delivery 
  • Blades self-compensating for wear 
  • 6 lbs

Current Fluids

Weldon Pumps offer the widest range of fuel compatibility.
Gasoline - Methanol - Nitromethane - Diesel - Ethanol - All racing fuels

  • Requires A2040 Bypass Regulator: -10 return line is recommended.
  • Use with Weldon 10 Micron Cellulose Filter Assembly

Each and every pump is Weldon-factory calibrated with gasoline and is delivered with calibration data sheet.

More Information
Manufacturer WELDON
OEM or Aftermarket High Performance
Part Number 2345-A
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