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Last night I installed the injectors that you matched me up with and what a difference in idle, cruise, and WOT. Very smooth.

I put 233k miles on my truck and factory injectors, and now it runs like new again.

Again, thanks for your help.

2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3L, Gas

Aaron G. (Lenore, Id)

Hi fiveO, I just wanted to thank you. I actually got the injectors in my hands in western Canada 24 hours after placing the order. Incredible. I will recommend you to friends.

N. Walt (Alberta, Canada)

N. Walt (Alberta, Canada)

Just wanted to say what a great experience working with you has been --fast, trouble free application location for my vehicle.
The quantity ordered and the quality overall was even better than expected--Kudos to your whole staff!
If there's any way I can pay you back for this kind of quality service, you can count on me.From the time the order was placed until
I received the package I was kept informed and the speed with which it was completed has made my job so much easier!
Thanks, FiveO!!

R. Johnson (Greensboro, NC)

First I would like to say thank you for your prompt shipping and neat packaging. Took a whole twenty minutes for installation, what a simple job on the Jeep 2.5L. Now will be the big test, the 2.5L likes the four hole injector so far. The factory one hole are chubby little things compared to the stream lined [design] of the Bosch!

Again I thank you all at FiveOMotorSport.

Bob H. (Orangevale, CA)

I just bought some new Fiveo injectors for my suburban (0280156024). The suburban is running much better!Thanks.

Robert C. (Idaho Falls, ID)

Extremely impressed with your product, speed in which is was processed and shipped, and the packaging and presentation were top notch. The injectors themselves work perfect, thanks!


Nick S. (Denver, CO)

Just wanted to thank you. Got my pickup back and my mileage nearly doubled, starts good and runs just like we discussed!! Can't wait to test the power pulling the boat. Thanks again,

Stephen B. (The Dalles, Oregon)

1998 GMC K3500 7.4L

Stephen B. (The Dalles, Oregon)

Just wanted to say thanks for quick delivery!
Injectors are installed along with a new fuel and air filters, and a new O2 sensor...a nice improvement.

Merry Christmas!

Phillip D. (White Lake, Michigan)

Hi Kirk. Just received my second pair of injectors here in Kuwait today. Thank you for your excellent service. I will definitely recommend your business to my racing friends when I return to Denmark.

Best regards.

Jens H. V. (Denmark)


I purchased a set of these injectors [Bosch 0280150845] via eBay that are now running in my 1990 Nissan GTR R32. They were delivered quickly and packed well. Car has just come off the dyno, made ( 320 kw at 4 wheels) being around 580 hp at the flywheel with 88% duty cycle and 55lbs rail pressure with 21 lbs boost and being low impedance work perfectly in this application. I understand the GTR’s now being 25 years old can be legally imported into the USA so you will likely see them out and about soon. I would recommend these injectors and your company for anybody looking to run up to 600hp for an RB26 engine.

Thanks again


Bill L. (Norwood, SOUTH AUSTRALIA)

Great Service! Bruce will take care of you and is the best at injector selection!

eBay member mr_zrx (211)



I just wanted to let you know I received and installed this past weekend the 24 lb. injectors you suggested below. Thank you, Thank you! I have incredible midrange power just running a bit rich at WOT around 12% without changing the stock ECU. Thanks for being so accommodating exchanging my injectors 21 lb. too! I will gladly recommend FiveoMotorsport to anyone working on custom injector applications. I fear you do not receive too many emails of this nature, but I wanted you to know how I felt about your service.

Jason G. (Lake Crystal, MN )

Hi Kirk,

I've received this set of injectors 1 week ago, installed it also 1 week ago, and...they're great!!! My car runs perfectly with it! It's really perfect! So I wish to thank Fiveomotorsport very much about the great service, quality and help!

Best regards, Alex.

Alex R. (Rovray, Switzerland)


I recently ordered a set of Blue Knight injectors for my 01 BMW 540 and put them in the car a few days ago. I would like to thank you guys for your excellent customer service and speedy delivery. The injectors perform beautifully and seemed to really bring the life back to my 15 year old car. It sounds better, throttle response is much better and there was a very noticeable increase in horsepower. I haven't gotten a chance to dyno it yet but from how it feels I am curious to know just how much hp gains I'll get. When you hear guys talking about big gains from something as small as a set of injectors you can't help but be skeptical. But I must say I am very impressed with your products and will gladly recommend your company to anyone interested.

Thanks again

Jordan B. (Chesapeake , VA)

I bought the 1200cc EV14 Honda B and D series injectors for my D16Z6, threw them in, entered the latency times into my hondata S300 and the car ran like a top. they work GREAT. people say its hard to idle 1000cc+ couldn't be easier with the data sheet and installation required ZERO modification (aside from the conveniently provided injectors harnesses!)
Thanks so much! I'd buy again and recommend!

Brett L. (Fayetteville, NC)

I have a 2001 Sierra C3 (basically the Denali before it was called a Denali). It’s been supercharged for 170,000 of it’s 180,000 mile life. I ran matched 42 lb marine shorty multi tech II Delphi iinjectors I bought from Five-O on the engine until recently. I upgraded to the 62 lb injectors of the same style also from Five-O. It is a 408 completely blueprinted with a D series Pro-charger set at 12 lb boost at 6000 rpm. Tuned with EFI-Live software calibrated as speed density for most of its life. Only changed the injector calibrations to match the specs Five-O sent with the new injectors. The mileage had been roughly the same since the truck was new (around 14 mpg everyday combo driven). It had deteriorated to about 13 mpg in the last couple of months before the change.

The new injectors are netting 15.4 average over the last several months driven exactly the same by the same person using the same gas as before. Now that should put a smile on everyone’s face at Five-O!!! It sure does mine---everytime I get in the truck!!!

Thx Neil

Neil B.

Lads: I have a 1987 Porsche Carrera that needed new fuel injectors - chronic cold start up and uneven running issues. To address these issues, I recently purchased your new Bosch fuel injectors for mid to late 5 and 6 series BMWs. Based on my Porsche tech forum (Pelican Parts), they were a perfect drop in replacement for the Bosch Porsche injectors and I saved almost $900. My Carrera now runs fantastic with noticeably better acceleration with no cold start up issues. What a relief!!

Your service and follow up are excellent. The items were very well packaged. It was a pleasure doing business.

Paul M. (Albany, NY)

I installed these injectors [XF2E-CB] in the 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and what a difference. The pick-up off the line has remarkably improved. Thanks for a great product.

Steve G. (Salinas, CA)

Hi guys, recently bought some parts through your eBay store just wanted to thank you for a great product and extremely fast shipping to Australia. Will be recommending you guys to all my friends. Thank you and best regards.

James P. (Australia)

Just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome project and customer service. I finally got my project running and the injectors work flawless. I won't hesitate to use your stuff again and I'll definitely recommend you guys.

Thanks again.

-Don O. (Kailua Kona, Hawaii)


I just wanted to inform you guys that this past weekend, on Saturday March 15 [2014] we set a world record for most horsepower ever made on a non-vtec b18 engine platform with a set of your injectors. The car put down 873whp and 560wtq and beat the previous record of 820whp. I tuned the car at my shop R.A.W. Performance in Lenoir, North Carolina. I was super pleased with your product, as was the owner of the car. They performed flawlessly. I just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to possibly send us a few stickers or maybe even explore another avenue of sponsorship. Again, the injectors performed great, not a single complaint. Here is a link to the video:

Hopefully that works as I'm sending it from my phone. Anyway, like I said I just thought you'd be happy to hear that you're setting records out there. Keep up the great work, and I hope to hear from you.

Will B. (R.A.W. Performance)

Hey Kirk,

Thanks again for all the help. Got the injectors today and my SR20det is humming like it should again - all 400 hp!!! LOL.


Morris D. (Perth, Western Australia)

Hello Kirk!

I'll give you some update about my car equipped with my new [Fiveo] 550's injectors...WOW!!! They've shown me all the potential of my car!!! The power gain is really amazing over my previous single pintle injectors! And the idle is far better also! Again, a huge thanks to Fiveomotorsport!

Have a nice week end!

Best regards, Alex.

Alexandre R. (Switzerland)

Thank you for sending my new injectors. The truck now starts and runs like a new one. Your product was much more affordable than the factory replacement injectors that O'Reilly had. I will recommend your products to others. Thank you again.

Jim H. (Stockton, Missouri)

We are a manufacturing company. We design and build wastegates, bovs, turbo components for a majority of imports. We have a gtr that we use for testing. We also have a dynapack here at our facility and i use it for high performance engine tuning. After tuning a few cars with Five-O injectors, I was impressed, we actually made 946whp on 34pis on an integra using one set of Five-O 2000cc injectors. Idle and drivability was really smooth.

Dardan M. (San Diego, CA)

Bruce, just to let you know, i have installed my new Bosch 0280155735 injectors and they work great! .......once again, thank you for your help in this exchange.......I will be more than happy to purchase injectors from you in the future and direct anyone looking for injectors to consider "FiveoMotorsport".....have a great day, Mitchell

Mitchell M. (Greenville, FL)

Hi Kirk, just received my injectors and adaptors in record time...1 my door. This is a record in all my international purchases.

I thank you and your company for the excellent service and highly recommend you.

Hope to do business again.

Tony H. (South Africa)

I just wanted to say Thank You for the great support and product at a reasonable cost. I recently purchased a set of Lucas injectors for my 99 chevy express class C motorhome. they work perfect. Better fuel economy and power. I pulled a 5000 pound boat up the grapevine at 60mph. Previously i would have had to shift into second and pull at 40mph. Thanks again, M. Barry

M. Barry

Thanks alot! I will certainly be shopping at FiveoMotorsport again :)

Mikal B. (Norway)

Hey Bruce, just a heads up on the Nissan 550 cc inectors [18114550] I purchased off amazon from your company. They have performed flawlessly in my pro street 240 sx my A/F ratio is spot on @ 15 psi boost. idle is a perfect 14.2 @ 45 psi FP the flow rates are as advertised!

J.A. James (Cartago, Costa Rica)

J.A. James

Just wanted to let you guys know that these [fuel injectors] went in without a hitch and fixed every one of my quirky problems. I was having unpredictable hesitations and horrible cold start issues. We dialed in the injectors some Friday night, and a little more last night and it's just amazing the difference. The car drives much better overall. Much smoother all through the revs at all throttle positions.

Customer Kade S. from Morning Sun, Iowa commenting on Fiveo's 026IMP1200 injectors.

Kade S.

Hey thanks for the injectors they working great so far ... Idles like stock .. They fit perfect ...


Marvin B. (US Virgin Islands)

Received the injectors today.

Thanks for the GREAT customer service. It has been a pleasure doing business with FiveOmotorsports. I will gladly recommend any and all friends to you if injectors are needed.

Thanks Again,

Joe Alvarez

"Got my FiveO injectors installed and my car is running great! They tuned really nicely on regular gas. My car idles and drives just like stock. The scaling and latency values were very close to what I needed for my tune so they were a great starting point. With the gas tune done I made the switch to E85; can't wait to dial up the power. I went with the 026IMP1000 injectors. Thanks guys!"

Graham G.

Thanks for most excellent delivery performance. Package received early today, Monday, here in Australia.

The 8 injectors ordered are already placed in the Land Rover’s intake manifold.


Hjalmar Bock [AUSTRALIA]

BIG THANKS. The Dodge just purrs at idle, crisper response and has an overall stronger feel. Thanks again for the great service and speedy delivery. Best Regards.

Trevor (eBay customer)

After reviewing your selling history, I concluded that you are really one of a kind, a seller that must be emulated by other sellers. With a 5,846 feedback score and being a member since April 2000, to maintain an unbelievably 99.9% positive feedback for a seller is something that is worthy of applause! Not all sellers have the ability to achieve that tremendous reputation. Thank you for your excellent performance. It will surely have a great impact on eBay as a whole!

Sherry C.
eBay Customer Support


[The injectors] showed up just yesterday at my door :-) They look awesome, I love the custom flow report and I love that they have a very very low dead time!

Thanks mucho,


Fiveo part number: 026US450

Walter (Netherlands)

Thank you so much for the amazing injectors for my 2000 chevy 7.4 vortec. The Bosch injectors have really woken up my 1 ton and no more hard start when warm, better milage, and above 70 mph my truck just wants to go with hardly any effort, and the truck has never run so smooth and sound. Any more vehicles I get, you will be the first call I make. I will post your card on my business wall above all the performance parts I sell and advertise you strongly. Great price, fast shipping, thank you so much again!!

Jeff W.

I was very happy with the injectors I bought for the supercharged's making all kinds of power and is as happy as can be. I'm 100% set on doing business with you, I had a great experience with the Buick and like your detailed flow sheets. The latency values were especially helpful, I've always had a hell of a time trying to find those numbers on other injectors I've purchased.

Thank you!

Zeph H.

Hey Bruce,

Thanks for your reply, I am using a Microtech LT10. I am using your 2000cc injectors to replace Sard 1000cc that i was running at a base pressure of 60psi, using E85 fuel.

I am please to report...that all is well after spending a few more hours redoing all my maps and setting base to 43psi.

I have enclosed a small data-log i did last night, all tuning so far is done by me on the road,i will eventually get some dyno time to fine tune AFR and to find MBT.

Car is a Mazda Mx6 2.2L 3076 turbo, and has run 11.45@121mph with old setup. It is also my daily driver.

Thank you again for the injectors, i love them and will spread the word that people need not buy ID, yes i have read all the crap on the internet he is spreading.

Your Truly,

Matt C.

Just received the following from you guys, 1 x Fuel Injector: 842-12219 [4/Set]

Just like to say thank you for the speedy delivery and service. I have fitted them and all is working well, no more injector bleed down. You saved me a sh*tload with this transaction, I would have had to pay nearly $200 for each injector over here. I will be recommending you guys to all my friends in the future.

God bless America (and Australia of course)

Cheers and I owe yas a beer!

See ya mate!

Mick S. (Australia)

I recently ordered injector connectors from you, and the quality is outstanding to say the least! I am very impressed.

SteFon M.


Got the injectors yesterday and they are fantastic. Bruce, my concern regarding fitment was/is null. The overall length of the injectors is the exact same. They installed without incident and the car runs great! Thank you very much and I look forward to doing business with you again!

John G. (Cromwell, CT)

Thanks again Bruce, I have never encountered anyone with such a commitment to customer satisfaction and will definitely get all of my injectors from you from now on, and will recommend you to everyone I know. As a matter of fact, a good friend of mine recently bought a set from you on my recommendation.


The 1600's are working out nicely. Check out the attached dyno graph from my daily driven Subaru Wagon, complete with 3 child seats.

I posted it in the E85 Army thread, and mentioned your injectors. People are asking about them.

Cameron D.

Thank you guys. You're fast becoming my favourite supplier.

Kind Regards

C. Shepherd (Clean HP)

Hey , just got the 460cc injectors for my Q45 engine , wanted to say thank you for the speedy shipping and ill be in touch for more im sure eventually for some of my other builds.

Brad R.

Hey Bruce - the injectors for my 4.9 Jeep Stroker are working AWESOME! Thanks so much for the personal service. You are #1 on my list when myself or anyone I know ever needs injectors. FiveO rocks!!!

Robert S. it, and wow was that quick...many thanks from an international buyer!!

Retro Racer

Just wanted to let you guys know here at Saisanmotors in Canada we love to deal with you guys ,we like the products and the service.
Thanks from team SAISANMOTORS

Saisan Motors - Canada

"Thanks Bruce, ...recently ordered a set of fuel injectors for my 1990 Subaru Legacy with 2.2 engine and 165,000 miles. (The car) had not one, but two bad injectors, the "check engine" light was on and terrible running conditions. I ordered on Tuesday night and (the injectors) arrived in Friday's mail. Great shipping and very well packaged. Got them installed over the weekend and the car runs great! Idle is so smooth I can hardly tell it's running. Throttle response is much improved as well. Thank you for a great service , great product at a great price, and great shipping!! Happy with my Subaru again!"
J. Kenne

Fiveomotorsport, Great job on my order. I ordered on Saturday and got my injectors on Tuesday with Postal shipping. Easy to use web site, love the pictures. You can see that they are correct and what you are getting. Good prices. They were priced less than the local auto parts store for the same type of injectors. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Dave C., Norfolk, VA.

Thanks Fiveo, for the fast and efficient service. I ordered a set of injectors for my 91 Nissan Maxima on Thursday and received them on Tuesday the following week. (I) installed them and they work great! I haven't enjoyed driving this car so much in years. The savings over Nissan's $110. each was phenomenal, half the price (Fiveo price is $349/set 6). Thanks again.

Randy R., Thorton, CO

Thanks Bruce, ...the injectors are installed and working great. The (Chevy dealer prices) were $500 each. Thanks a lot! My mechanic recommended you as he has bought from you before. Thanks again.

Mike, Geo Tracker Owner

Fiveomotorsport, My grin from ear to ear has returned! I received your injectors, installed them and have test driven my Corvette. Absolutely outstanding! My LS6 sounds normal again; the loud ticking is finally gone. The engine's acceleration is amazingly smooth. I could not be more pleased with your fuel injectors. I will be recommending Fiveomotorsport to my Car Club at work. Thank You,

Eric H., Santa Barbara, Calif.

Bruce, just wanted to let you know I received the injectors today. I'm very impressed with your service and shipping, thank you again for all your help. All the best,

Steve L., Clinton Township, MI

G'day Bruce, Mate just letting you know I received the injectors this morning. Awesome delivery service - 3 days (Express USPS - $40) to get to my door in Western Australia. Thanks for your assistance.

John, Western Australia

Hi Bruce, I have received the injectors in good order. Thank you so much for the prompt and wonderful service. Cheers and Best Regards,

Stephan P.

Good morning Bruce. Just a quick note to say THANK YOU!! I called on Thursday to order the Ford Mustang fuel injectors from you, and they were at my house on Saturday afternoon. I swapped out the injectors that afternoon, and now I get 31 miles to the gallon, average, and have a significant increase in pickup. And the rough cold idle is all gone. I should have done this a long time ago. I will be posting my praises to you on the bmwcca local chapter site. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Steven T., BMW Owner

"Greetings, I purchased a set of performance injectores (Mustang yellow top, 19lbs/hr) from you on E-bay a couple years ago for my 1989 BMW 325i and absolutely love them. They still work great after 90,000 miles!! (I now need fuel injectors for a Porsche) 911 1984-1989. I would be very interested if you can help me out. Thank you for your time. P.S. My BMW has been averaging 26mpg with over 30mpg on the highway!”

Mark G.

Thanks Bruce, I just received my fuel injectors for my Pontiac Firebird (with V-6 engine). Awesome. (They were an alternate Denso Ford injector) working perfectly. Your knowledge of what you sell is appreciated. Price (was) also appreciated. I will tell all where to get fuel injectors when their cars reach 100,000 miles and they want new life.

Gary L., Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Bruce, Just a note of appreciation for your help. I have been working on my Cadillac after it failed it's smog test as a gross polluter. A number of mechanics had recommended the replacement of the catalytic convertor, the oxygen sensors, (spark) plugs, rotor, plug wires all of which did not repair the problem. After my conversation with you I replaced my fuel injectors with the Bosch injectors you recommended. Not only does my car run great, it passed the California smog test with flying colors! You have done a fine job for me sir, and saved me a ton of money. Thanks

Jack L.

"Bruce - Wow! You guys are AWESOME! Look forward to receiving (my fuel injectors). By the way, you guys (Fiveomotorsport) come highly recommended from the Unofficial BMW Bulletin board. Great support site for us E30 owners. I'll spread the joy. Thanks again”


"I just wanted to let you know that I installed the injectors about two hours ago. The job took about an hour and a half to do. Everything went well. I tried it out on the highway and there was definitely a noticeable difference on the mid to high end. My Durango keeps pulling now through the 2500-5500 RPM range. It is no longer starving for fuel and I have you to thank for it. I am going to recommend you and put up a post for you on the Dodge Forum I belong to. Thanks Again! P.S. I will always contact you first for all my injection needs!"

Mike S.

"Nice product!!!! I just installed them and went out for a rip! WOW! (D9B) Design II is awesome! It is a job on this car (1989 Corvette) to swap them out but well worth it. I can't thank you enough.”

Mike (

I just wanted to thank you, Bruce, for the fuel injectors I bought from I replaced 8 on my BMW at a substantial cost savings because I got them from you. I want to thank you not just because I saved money but also because it corrected a Low Idle problem I was experiencing for a long time. Keep up the good work.

BMW Car Forum, Note from a customer

Fiveo - I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know I that received the fuel injectors (Bosch D5B) for the Grand Cherokee and installed them along with a new fuel filter. The difference in the way the vehicle runs is amazing. It now runs like it was brand new rather than like its real milage, (shows of) 97000 miles. Thank you.

Curt L. , San Antonio, Texas

Yesterday I installed the injectors (Bosch D9B) in my daughter's Firebird GTA and they seem to be working great. Her car broke down at her boyfriend's house about four hours from where we live. I replaced the injectors there. Drove back last night and even at 85MPH had no problems. With new Delco injectors running $90 each, $188 for a full set of "new" (takeouts) injectors is a big-time bargain. My daughter even likes that they're pink! I'm sure you won't mind if I recommend (Fiveomotorsport) to the guys and gals on

Jac H., Cary, Illinois

"Bruce, I have received the injectors couple of weeks ago. I've been out of town latley but wanted to thank you for the great service you have provided. Not only do you have excellent (injectors), but outstanding customer service as well. I installed the injectors, the performance boost blew my mind way. -No more hesitation.- Thanks to your quick service, the Jeep was up and running... Thanks for a great product, service, and support. I will be buying more of your (injectors) for my wife's Mustang."

Fernan S., Murrieta, Calif.

"Bruce, Here is my 2002 Mustang with the Bullitt wheels...and Bullitt non-scoops on the side...really changed the look of the car... Anyway, thanks for your help getting the wheels and tires. Notable improvement in handling, as well as great looks."

Randy B., Corpus Christi, Texas

"Bruce, I recieved the Blue Tops (Bosch 0280150759-24lb) as ordered in record-time! Thanks for the great service, as a result I was able to get my stroked 4.6L Jeep Cherokee on the road earlier than even I had anticipated. Your prices and services reflect why you're able to afford the late model Mustang Convertible your business card shows, as prices are extremely fair, warranty is superb, and the service is impeccable. And let's not forget the user friendly website. Thanks again, Keep up the good work!"

Rob L. B., Colorado Springs, Colo.

Gentlemen, Thanks for your prompt shipping and great price. The injectors (you sent) got the wife's Jeep up and running for the weekend. Great service, Great prices and top quality (product), my hat's off to you. Thanks again,

David M.

I want to thank you, I'm saving $380.00 by ordering them through your website rather than getting them locally.

Ed N.

Hey Bruce, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! The (Ford) Navigator (F5DE-24lb) injectors you sent rock! My (BMW) 635 runs like a freight train. Thanks for the timely shipping and great service.

Chris G., Chief Engineer

"It is refreshing today to have a business treat you with honesty and respect. Bruce was very polite and very helpful (with) my order. He followed up by emailing me with concerns that I had. I am very pleased with your company. I will definitely be a return customer. I also belong to two very large Jeep Clubs that together have members with the count over 1500. I will definitely be passing on this information about your business and your website. Again I thank you for your help."

Keith O. (

I just can't say enough about Fiveomotorsport, excellent service and parts. I installed the 19# injectors on my 1995 Dakota 4X4 and found power and smoothness I did not know existed. I will be buying all my injectors from Bruce from now on. His prices are about a third of anyone I have found. One great guy to deal with and he is very knowledgeable about the injectors he sells.

Owner J&J Auto Service, Three Lakes Wisconsin (

Bruce - I had bought some of your fuel injectors for my Jeep Cherokee and I am very pleased with the product and your service. The shipping was prompt and the product was very nice I would just like to thank you.

Brian F. (

"Fiveo - I have received and installed the (take-off dual) exhaust (system). It makes my 3.8 (Mustang) sound much nicer - not loud - a bit more like a V-8. Thanks for the quick delivery and quality product."

Ken N. SK, Canada

Bruce - I installed the fuel injectors you sent me. Once I gave everything a second checkout, I went for a 30 mile drive and I was quite pleased with the results. (My) 3.9 Magnum had power that I have not seen in years. Thanks, I will mention you folks to my friends.

Bill P.

"Hi Bruce - Wanted to say thanks. I received the 6 (Bosch D5B-19lb) injectors for my 88 Jeep on Friday, I put them in and it's great. I'm going to pass your info on to my brother who actually is a mechanic and he might send some business your way. I'm always a little leery about buying things online but you really came though. Thanks again!"

Paul C.

Bruce, Just a final note to thank you for the quick shipment of my new injectors. My Mechanic put them in the truck yesterday and it runs like a bat-out-of-hell. I have to go to North Carolina in the morning on business, and it wouldn't have been possible with out you sending the Injectors. I appreciate your efforts. I hope that everyone and everything is going great at Fiveomotorsport! Thanks again.

Charles S. (Dodge Dakota)

"Bruce, Thanks for the dual exhaust (2002 GT take-off system). The installation was neat and quick, without a hitch. I noticed the immediate increase/response in horses. Thanks again, (I) will be doing more business with ( "down the road."

Michael J. (2002 Mustang LX)

"Hello Bruce, Just a quick note to let you know that the injectors (Design II) work (great) in a 5.2 V-8 Dodge. They corrected the (leaning-out) problem. Thanks again,"

Grant (

Hi Bruce. Thanks for the prompt reply. I am installing these (Design II injectors) on a Dodge Dakota 3.9 V-6. I read on the Dodge web site that the Ford 19lbs/hr injectors are the ones to use, (because) they offer much better fuel metering (better than 2% tolerance) over the stock Dodge injectors, +/-15% tolerance is what I've heard. I'm (hoping) to get better, smoother performance, and even better mileage, since the injectors won't be dumping extra fuel where it's not needed. Thanks again.

Andy (

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your expertise.
An order has now been placed.

This is the second time I have dealt with your company.
I remain impressed, and the range/price/service mix is excellent.