1400cc Fiveomotorsport "BLACK-OPS M133, "Standard"Length: Use for GM/Chevy Multec II

Fiveomotorsport Custom
Part Number: M133U1400 / Adapter: GM/Chevy Multec II


  • List Price Includes: 1 - 133lb fuel injector, and 1 - EV6/GM Multec II Adapter

Our custom manufactured 1400 cc/min, 133 lbs/hr injector brings ultra-fast latency times never seen before in modern EV14/EV6-style high impedance fuel injectors.

Quicker than even the best low-impedance injectors. For example the dead-time at 16 volts is 0.535 ms.

That is one of the fastest high impedance or low impedance 1400cc injectors Fiveomotorsport has ever been able to offer.

This type of injector in a low-flow version has been used by General Motors for several years and has been proving its durability and consistency in OE applications--due-in-part to its new larger insulated coil. Notice the 17 mm body (see photos) - approximately 2 mm larger than a standard EV14 fuel injector. Our custom manufactured 1400cc version brings ultra-fast latency times never seen before to modern EV14/EV6-style high impedance fuel injectors.
Similarly quicker than even the best low impedance injectors.
That is the fastest high impedance or low impedance 1400cc injector Fiveomotorsport has ever been able to offer.

The larger coil shows itself in another positive way in the new Black-Ops M133 fuel injector. Fiveomotorsport is able to guarantee sets from 2 to 12 injectors matched statically and dynamically. We send proprietary data sheets with each set.

Now lets talk about Fiveomotorsport's new single-hole, rotating ball fuel outlet nozzle. This new nozzle guarantees a tight cone spray throughout the rpm range. And where it gets really good is at high volume/high rpm.
Testing has been completed illustrating the Black-Ops M133 operating from idle to ultra-high rpm and firing at 14 ms down to 1-1.5 ms. Realize the test chamber is filing with Heptane, without mixing with air, under no pressure and no vacuum, unlike an actual engine combustion chamber. Even with the simulated conditions you will still see the super-fine droplets our new single-hole nozzle produces.

This injector can provide a smooth idle quality on most engines running all types of gasoline and E85. We, of course recommend seeking a pro-tuner. With a pressure capability of 7 BAR this injector will flow up to 2200 cc/min with excellent low pulse width linearity, and has a broad operating range equal to any (EFI) injector on the market.

Fuel Injector Specifications:
Coil Resistance: 12.5 OHMS
Spray nozzle: Single-hole disc, Watch Video.
Sets are delivered in flow rates ranging from 1400-1420 cc.
You will get a set that is exactly matched to within 0.5-0.8%. That mean all within 7-12 cc/ml
Overall length: 74 mm - 2.9 in
Diameter: 17.1 mm - 0.70 in
O-ring to o-ring, on center: 65 mm - 2.6 in
O-ring diameter: 14.2 mm - 0.55 in
O-ring material: Viton - upper, lower

Item Condition:
Guarantee and Warranty assumes professional installation and tuning.
All of the Fiveomotorsport fuel injectors are shipped in brand-new condition unless otherwise stated as reconditioned or take-out injectors.
All fuel injectors are covered by our warranty outlined below, unless otherwise stated.
Fiveo's Exclusive Warranty:
We stand behind all of our products with our 36 month/unlimited miles warranty. Within 7 days of your purchase date if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your purchase price for returned unused fuel injectors in their original packaging, minus shipping costs and up to a 15% restocking fee. If you ever have an injector go outside specification or fail for any reason when functioning within the stated operating conditions, we will replace it with a brand new fuel injector. You pay only the shipping costs. (Some racing applications may void this warranty).
Shipping and Handling Time:
All orders received by 2pm PST Monday-Friday will ship the same day. Orders received after 2pm on Friday will ship the following Monday. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay all customs fees, duties, import taxes, and related charges. Average delivery times are listed below:
USPS priority mail – 3 business days
USPS Express International – 5 to 8 business days
FedEx Overnight
FedEx 2-Day


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Manufacturer Fiveomotorsport Custom
Part Number M133U1400 / Adapter: GM/Chevy Multec II
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