625cc/min - LEXUS 5VZ 2JZ Air-Assist Fuel Injectors

Part Number: 54344-625 625cc/min - LEXUS 5VZ 2JZ Air-Assist Fuel Injectors

625cc/min - LEXUS, TOYOTA 5VZ 2JZ Air-Assist Fuel Injectors

  • This is a re-engineered, OEM direct-fit fuel injector
  • LIST PRICES INCLUDE: One (1) fuel injector with o-rings and seals.
  • Available in 550cc and 625cc.  USE OUR DROP-DOWN MENU ARROW TO CHOOSE YOUR FLOW RATE

Flow matched sets:
Will maintain consistency to within 1%
Excellent pulse width and predictability down to 1.7 ms for easy tuning and accurate compensations.
Length: 74 mm, overall, 64 mm oring to oring
Diameter: 24.3 mm
O-rings: Top - 12 mm OD; Bottom - 12 mm OD
Electrical connector type: Sumitomo


FIVEOMOTORSPORT FUEL INJECTORS are custom-manufactured in small-quantity batches to achieve the highest quality product.
Our injectors are all-fuels rated; including gasoline (MTBE), and E-85.
The finished injectors are then flowed and inscribed with a control number.
Data is recorded for each injector. The fuel injectors are then grouped into matched sets ready for shipping.

FLOW CHART: Each set is sold with a complete and unique flow-data chart indicating individual static flow rates at 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 BAR.
As well as 3.0 BAR dynamic pulse testing for idle (15% duty-cycle) and 50% duty-cycle.
Along with a complete dead time off-set (latency) table. Flow matching was done with industry-standard equipment of the highest quality.
The tests were performed at varying temperatures to achieve realistic results.
Linear tuning with excellent low-end, and idle rpm.
Fiveo is the only fuel injector seller that can claim this level of technology.

Ethanol based fuels tend to "dry" the fuel injector outlet orifices.
Users/tuners should be made aware that this may cause a "sticking" problem in fuel injectors that sit idle for a prolonged period of time.
It is suggested for applications running high ethanol content based fuels, to periodically incorporate into their fuel-system-maintenance a drop of light petroleum-based lubricant for each fuel injector.
This is also considered to be good maintenance, but not essential, for stainless steel based (Black-Ops Series) fuel injectors.  
It should also be noted that for optimum performance the entire fuel system should be made up of ethanol approved materials including all fuel lines/fuel pump/fuel filter, etc.


More Information
Manufacturer Denso/Fiveo
Part Number 54344-625 625cc/min - LEXUS 5VZ 2JZ Air-Assist Fuel Injectors
Model ES300, GS300, GS400, GS430, IS300, LS400, LS430, SC300, SC400, SC430
Engine L6, 3.0L, 2JZGE, D, GAS, L6, 3.0L, 2JZGE, GAS, L6, 3.0L, 2JZGE, J, GAS, SPORTCROSS, L6, 3.0L, 2JZGE, GAS, V6, 3.0L, 1MZFE, F, GAS, V6, 3.0L, 1MZFE, G, GAS, V6, 3.0L, 1MZFE, GAS, V6, 3.0L, 3GRFSE, GAS, V6, 3.0L, 3VZFE, V, GAS, V8, 4.0L, 1UZFE, GAS, V8, 4.0L, 1UZFE, H, GAS, V8, 4.3L, 3UZFE, GAS
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