Fuel Injector Installation

Because of the position of these injectors in relation to the fuel rail, extreme care should be taken during installation so as not to damage the o-ring seals. Problems with new fuel injectors immediately after installation are almost always due to improper installation which can possibly damage the o-rings. Always inspect the o-rings for damage before considering the injector itself to be defective. Prior to installation always apply a lubricant (i.e., new motor oil or a synthetic alternative) to the o-rings.

Use a rocking motion to install the o-ring in to the fuel rail and intake manifold. Never twist-in or "screw-in" the fuel injectors. This may cause scoring or cutting of the o-ring. Prior to installing fuel injectors, inspect any inline fuel filter that may be dirty and cause contamination of the new parts. If your vehicle has been stored or has sat unstarted for more than several months there are many other safeguards you should take into account before replacing fuel injectors and starting the engine.

Professional installation and hiring a professional tuner is highly recommended. Highly combustible fuel flowing under extreme pressure and temperature is dangerous so please take all necessary precautions to avoid bodily injury and possible damage to your vehicle. You already knew this, but it had to be said.