750cc 1000cc HONDA B/D/H- F22A- F22B-Series Fit: Black-Ops X17 by Fiveo Motorsport

Custom Fiveo/Delphi
Part Number: Black-Ops, B-Series, H-Series, D-Series Honda Civic; 750cc, 1000cc

Featuring Stainless-Steel construction with zero-rubber or plastic internal parts.


  • Available in flow-rates 750cc and 1000 cc/min for modified engines.

  • Price shown is for a single injector with selected connector

  • Please use drop-down menu to select flow-rate.

Choose your FUEL PUMP from these FITTINGS:

  • Fiveo Fuel Pump 340lph: Civic 1988-2000, Up to 700 turbo hp
  • Fiveo Fuel Pump Avenger 325lph 2001-2014, Up to 700 turbo hp
  • Weldon 1100 Pump/2040 Regulator: Use for up to 1,500 hp

  • Available in FLOW-MATCHED and DELIVERED with a FREE set of connector adatpers

Our custom manufactured "Black-Ops injector brings ultra-fast latency times never seen before in modern EV14/EV6-style high impedance fuel injectors.

  • Quicker than even the best low-impedance injectors. For example the dead-time at of our 1000cc at 14 volts is an unbelievable 0.450 ms.
  • Notice the 17 mm body (see photos) - approximately 2 mm larger than a standard EV14 fuel injector..
    The larger coil shows itself in another positive way in the new Black-Ops M95 fuel injector. Fiveomotorsport is able to guarantee sets of 2 to 12 injectors matched statically to better that 1% of each other and the dynamic tests are even tighter.
  • Now lets talk about Fiveomotorsport's new single-hole with diffuser plate fuel outlet nozzle. For which we are currently seeking a patent. This new nozzle guarantees a tight cone spray throughout the rpm range. And where it gets really good is at high volume/high rpm.

  • This injector can provide a smooth idle quality on most engines running all types of gasoline and E85. We, of course recommend seeking a pro-tuner. With a pressure capability of 8 BAR.

Fuel Injector Specifications:
Coil Resistance: 12.5 OHMS
You will get a set that is exactly matched to 1-2%.

Overall length: 74 mm - 2.9 in
Diameter: 17.1 mm - 0.70 in
O-ring to o-ring, on center: 64 mm - 2.6 in
O-ring diameter: 11.5, fuel rail
Bottom seal: 22 mm, intake
Rubber seal material: Viton - upper, lower


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Manufacturer Custom Fiveo/Delphi
Part Number Black-Ops, B-Series, H-Series, D-Series Honda Civic; 750cc, 1000cc
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