2200cc Bosch, U.S., Euro and Asian Import Fit

FiveoMotorsport / Bosch
Part Number: 800U, 800UX, 800M, 800MX (2200cc, EV14 with Pigtail)
High Performance

Fiveo, Bosch 2200cc High Performance Fuel Injectors

Technological advancements made high flow EV14 fuel injectors affordable for the street and off-road performance enthusiast.


  • List price includes:  Single Fuel Injector with electrical connector Pigtail
  • Brand New, Genuine Bosch Parts
  • Factory slotted unmodified nozzles
  • Available Lengths:
    • Standard length:  2.5 inch, 64 mm overall, 50 mm o-ring to o-ring
    • Long length:  3.0 inch, 78 mm overall, 65.5 mm o-ring to o-ring



Fuel injector type: Saturated
Nozzle: Multi-hole
Spray: Wide cone, fully atomized

Nominal static flow rates:
2,205 cc/min, 3.0 BAR
2,380 cc/min, 3.5 BAR
2,550 cc/min, 4.0 BAR

Internal coil resistance: 9.5 Ohms
Body Diameter: 16 mm
O-rings: Viton, Upper and lower 14 mm (Standard and Long US Fit)
Electrical connector type: EV1 (Bosch)
Voltage: 8-15 volts
Amperage: 1 amp


Sold with Fiveo Fuel Injector's Exclusive Limited Warranty - See our warranty page online.

More Information
Manufacturer FiveoMotorsport / Bosch
OEM or Aftermarket High Performance
Part Number 800U, 800UX, 800M, 800MX (2200cc, EV14 with Pigtail)
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