211U288, Bosch, Ferrari P/N 162613, Fits: F355, 456, 550 Barchetta

Part Number: 211U288: Ferrari, 162613, Upgrade
OEM Upgrade

Bosch, FERRARI, 355, 456, 550, Fuel Injector
162613, 0280150449, Original Equipment Replacement Upgrade

Engines‎: ‎
5.5 L, 4V DOHC, Tipo F133A, Tipo F133C, V-12
3.5 L, 5V DOHC, Tipo F129B, Tipo F129C, V-8

Use for all original equipment (OEM)
355 Motronic 2.7 OBD1;
355 Motronics 5.2 OBD1;
550 Barchetta, Maranello


  • BRAND NEW: List price includes one (1) fuel injector with o-rings.
  • All new o-rings included for installation

This Bosch fuel injector is the manufacturer's original equipment (OEM) spec injectors for Ferrari.
All fuel injectors have been carefully tested to match the internal coil resistance and fuel flow rating quoted by the mfg.

Fuel injector type: Saturated, EV-6
Fuel delivery: 4-hole disc nozzle, 24 degrees spray
Ferrari P/N: 162613
Bosch P/N: 211U288

Flow rating: 288 cc/min at 50.8 PSI/3.5 BAR
Length: 3 inches, 74 mm
Diameter: 19 mm
O-rings: Supplied, Viton, Top and bottom, 14.5 mm
Resistance: 12.3 Ohms
E85 Compatible

(All fuel injector specifications meet or exceed the manufacturer's specification standard).


More Information
Manufacturer Bosch
OEM or Aftermarket OEM Upgrade
Part Number 211U288: Ferrari, 162613, Upgrade
Year(s) 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Model 456 GT, 456 GTA, 456 M, 456 M GT, 456 M GTA, 512 M, 550 MARANELLO, F355 BERLINETTA, F355 F1, F355 GTS, F355 SPIDER
Engine BARCHETTA PININFARINA, V12, 5.5L, GAS, H12, 4.9L, V, GAS, V12, 5.5L, GAS, V12, 5.5L, S, GAS, V12, 5.5L, W, GAS, V12, 5.5L, Z, GAS, V8, 3.5L, GAS, V8, 3.5L, P, GAS, V8, 3.5L, X, GAS
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