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All TPI Fuel Injectors (9)

Manufacturer Part No.  
  17109826 (11125)
  0280150231 (12106)
Denso 17111961, 17110870, 532-12105
Siemens/Ford: YF1E-F4 / Adapters
Bosch 17103146, Bosch UPGRADE Yellow Top
Lucas USA 01D029B 24lb LS1 LT1 5.7
Bosch 24508208, 0280155811, 0280155868
  17112412 - 53114114

What our customers have to say...

Just wanted to let you guys know that these [fuel injectors] went in without a hitch and fixed every one of my quirky problems. I was having unpredictable hesitations and horrible cold start issues. We dialed in the injectors some Friday night, and a little more last night and it's just amazing the difference. The car drives much better overall. Much smoother all through the revs at all throttle positions.

Customer Kade S. from Morning Sun, Iowa commenting on Fiveo's 026IMP1200 injectors.

Kade S.

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