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All TPI Fuel Injectors (9)

Manufacturer Part No.  
  17109826 (11125)
  0280150231 (12106)
Denso 17111961, 17110870, 532-12105
Siemens (Ford) YF1E-F4 / Adapters
Bosch 17103146, Bosch UPGRADE Yellow Top
Lucas USA 01D029B 24lb LS1 LT1 5.7
Bosch 24508208, 0280155811, 0280155868
  17112412 - 53114114

What our customers have to say...

Greetings, I purchased a set of performance injectores (Mustang yellow top, 19lbs/hr) from you on E-bay a couple years ago for my 1989 BMW 325i and absolutely love them. They still work great after 90,000 miles!! (I now need fuel injectors for a Porsche) 911 1984-1989. I would be very interested if you can help me out. Thank you for your time. P.S. My BMW has been averaging 26mpg with over 30mpg on the highway!
Mark G.

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