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Fiveomotorsport has a full inventory of electronic fuel injectors. Every part listed is in stock and ready to ship. We sell only genuine name-brand injectors manufactured by Bosch, GM Multec, Delphi, Rochester, Denso, Siemens, Keihen, JECS, Weber, and Lucas. Fuel injectors sold at are priced competitively. We offer our customers some of the best fuel injector prices in the marketplace, and you are guaranteed to receive a quality product that is at or above the industry standard.  In most cases we offer OE (original equipment) replacement fuel injectors, and we also offer carefully cross-referrenced, newer generation, replacement injectors which will produce better spray patterns with superior fuel atomization resulting in increased efficiency and better overall performance in your stock engine.

If you are interested in purchasing higher flow rate fuel injectors for applications ranging from Stage-1 modification all the way to super-street performance and racing applications, please check out our other pages for US and European High Performance, Asian Import High Performance/Sport Compact, and our new Custom Fuel Injectors page.  All Fiveo fuel injectors are backed by our unlimited miles/3-year warranty!  If you are unsure which injectors are right for your application, please see this Fiveomotorsport fuel injector information page or contact us with any questions you may have...thank you!

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"Got my FiveO injectors installed and my car is running great! They tuned really nicely on regular gas. My car idles and drives just like stock. The scaling and latency values were very close to what I needed for my tune so they were a great starting point. With the gas tune done I made the switch to E85; can't wait to dial up the power. I went with the 026IMP1000 injectors. Thanks guys!"

Graham G.

Graham G.

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