Fuel Injector: Custom Fiveo 028US315, 30lbs/hr

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  Part No. Notes / Specifications Qty / Price
028US315, 30lbs / hr
  • Flow-matched, custom-manufactured, 315cc fuel injector
  • This Bosch injector set fits the OEM fuel rail and intake U.S. Domestic and European vehicles
  • STANDARD length, 2.5 inches, 62 mm
  • EV1 electrical connector (Jetronic, minitimer)
  • All Viton 14mm o-rings Included for installation
  • EASY TUNING: Minimum pulse width: 1.7 ms
  • Complete dead-tme (latency) table with each set; 4, 5, 6, 8, 10.
  • 4-hole disc fuel nozzle

FLOW CHART: Each set is sold with a complete flow-data chart indicating individual fuel injector dynamic and static flow rates at 3, 3.5, and 4 BAR. Each set will maintain linearity throughout the test range of 15-25%, 50% and 80% duty cycle. Data also includes a complete dead time (latency) table.
Flow matching was done with industry-standard equipment of the highest quality.
The tests were performed at varying temperatures to achieve realistic results. Linear tuning with excellent low-end, and idle rpm.
Individual sets may flow differently than this set. But no set will ever vary more than 0.5-0.1.5 %

Fiveomotorsport is a respected name in high performance and racing parts.

  • This Generation III composite fuel injector is better suited to the high pressures of modern engines over the old fused plastic/metal body injectors.

 This Bosch 028US315 has excellent high and low pulse width response times.

These sets are very consistent and will require no more than 1% trim for easy tuning with accurate compensation

(See additional specs below).

You are purchasing a brand new high performance

Bosch fuel injector set for:
Supercharged/Turbo Mini Cooper;
Audi TT 1.8 (AWP), A4 1.8 (AMB), (AWM);
VW Golf/Jetta GTI 1.8 (AWP), (AWW);

Part number: 028US315

Flow Rate: 315 cc/min at 43.5 PSI

Flow Rate: 30 LBS/HR at 43.5 PSI

Resistance: 12.5 Ohms

Voltage: 8-15 Volts, Nominal 13.5 Volts

Ultra fast, sample dead time: 0.429 ms at 14 volts

Pressure: Min. 36 PSI (2.5 bar), Max. 101 PSI (7 bar)

Surface finish: Injector body may be Gray, White or Dk.Red composite depending on available stock.  All specifications are equal.

European and U.S. vehicle applications
$61.95 USD

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